Amy B.

"One year on SHAPE, and I am only 20 pounds from my weight goal. I have shed 45 pounds and removed 56 inches off of my 5’2” frame. More than that, I feel amazing. With my extra energy, I have started running 3 days a week and will complete a 5K in both October and November. Being on the program with my husband has definitely been a factor in my success."

Pounds lost: 45
Inches lost: 56
Increased Iron Levels

Lauri L.

"In Jr. High I was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis and kyphosis condition which over the years became the cause of extreme pain in my neck and lower back. After seeing Dr. Dan, he incorporated chiropractic, acupuncture, and special slow strength building therapy and I have now been pain free for over a year and feel stronger than ever. ​In fact last spring I grew strong enough to back pack across Europe and had the time of my life!

Tammy K.

"In just a few months I lost 20 pounds - slowly and methodically. I chiseled off inches in my measurements, and I dropped 2 clothes sizes (while strengthening my lean muscle). Thanks Dr. Dan!"

Keith B.​

"One year on SHAPE, and I am keeping my blood sugar regulated and my blood pressure is in the normal range. My joint pain is completely gone and I have dropped 5 pant sizes. I feel amazing! It has been really fun being on this program with my wife. Together we plan, prep and grow our shared love for all things made with cauliflower rice. With all of our extra energy, we have now taken up running 2 3 days a week, and I cycle 3 days a week."

John E.

"I am so thankful for the combination therapies from Dr. Dan. I am now able to walk without any limp and feel the best I have felt since my hip surgery. I also have recovered from several upper respiratory illnesses and digestive problems which have bothered me for many years."

Charlie J.

"Dr. Ourada provides a comprehensive solution to addressing a wide variety of ailments. Most recently, I had a back spasm (threw out my back) that rendered me immobile. Using a mix of chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, herbs, exercises and stretching, Dr. Ourada had me back on my feet within days. I was back to my pain-free and mobile self within a week. Dr. Ourada always takes the time to explain your options, and thoroughly explains what his strategy is to get you back to your normal health - or in my case, better and stronger than before!"


"I get the best expert advice and treatment from Dr. Dan. He helped me with my health related issues, aches and pains and we are tackling my diet together.  I haven’t had this type of energy in a long time. Within a couple of months I have released 17 pounds, down 1 dress size and I’m pain-free. I love the way I feel!
Many thanks to Dr. Dan for all his help and the support. I would highly recommend Dr. Dan Ourada and the Shape program to anyone!"